Scots Indy Referendum 2 quite likely

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Scots Indy Referendum 2 quite likely

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 14, 2016 5:17 pm

The Scottish government is to start work towards another second independence referendum in the wake of the UK voting to leave the EU, with the SNP launching a nationwide "listening exercise" to gauge views. Political reporter Philip Sim looks at the questions the party will seek to answer before taking Scotland back to the polls.
A second Scottish independence referendum is "on the table"; in fact Nicola Sturgeon says it's "highly likely". Her ministers have been set to work to draw up legislation to make this "option" a "deliverable" one.
Note, for a start, that the language is all still hypothetical. So is it really going to happen? Before we find out the answer to that question, a whole host of others need to be addressed.
The SNP leader is, obviously, dedicated to Scottish independence. But she has been hesitant to call for a second vote on the matter straight away, despite some members (and MPs) straining at the leash.
Sturgeon to gauge independence support
John Curtice on what the polls say about indyref2
This is because Ms Sturgeon doesn't just want to hold a second indyref - she wants to win one. The next poll will be a zero-sum game; lose, and it really is over for a generation.
The first minister won't fire the starting gun on the race until she's absolutely sure she can win. And amidst the shockwaves of the UK's vote to leave the EU, how sure can a politician be about anything at the moment?
Ms Sturgeon will be hoping that her 120,000 party members can bring back some answers about the mood of the nation from the doorsteps.
Here are a selection of the other questions the first minister will be pondering before she starts down the road to Indy Ref 2.

If that were me I'd do the same , as detailed in this article failure isn't an option for Sturgeon , gauge the support for a second referendum and one must do so while taking plenty time to gauge properly.

I always thought the last referendum date was set a little too soon, perhaps set the date two years from a second referendum announcement? But as early as next July 2017 could see a second referendum.

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