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Jehovah's witnesse's...

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2016 12:06 pm

I've never really paid much attention to them before and just viewed them as Chritian people who knock doors , want to chat about God and just generally just take up our time unnecessarily.

But the past couple of days I've been reading up a wee bit about them and realised they won't accept blood transfusions if one is required , nor do they allow their children a blood transfusion should they need you one, rather opting for their children to die rather than choosing for them to have a blood transfusion.

They also don't celebrate birthdays or Christmas , now isn't that part of what being a child is all about? , to celebrate birthdays and the birth of Jesus?..

Apparently not in the world of Jehova's who only celebrate the death of Jesus as well as the death of any family member. I'm trying to be accepting & understanding and suppose could live without celebrating birthdays or Christmas if my faith was strong enough but not the blood transfusion stuff, when necessary to save a life, especially that of children.

Another thing is the shunning of family members who have been disfellowshipped for reasons like adultery (wrong I agree)  or other things like joining the military or running for political post...these are some reasons why the Jehova's will abandon and shun even family members , one is expected tow shun the disfellowshipped or face disfellowshipped themselves.

While it me trying to get my head around this , I just can't and I have to agree with many others including lots of ex-Jehovah's witnesses in that this seems to be a cult and not a true religion.

I'm not religious anyway but the Christian teachings we had at school included supporting other people and not abandoning them and we were taught to celebrate the birth of Christ.

i watched a YouTube video yesterday about two JW's knocking a guy's door and then get rid of them he simply told them he was gay and that his husband was calling for him from the other room...the two JW's were off like a shot! , lol tho , it was funny.

But what despicable teachings , obviously they shun gay people too...genuine Christian teachings say not to judge others and to be accepting of others regardless of colour, race, sexual preference etc.

While I've never been rude to the JW's who have knocked my door , I certainly won't hesitate to tell them exactly why I don't want them at my door next time, what they are doing is pricing hatred and dividing people.

They even  go as far as to tell family members of JW members to shun their own family for smoking cigarettes!


So much for for showing and sharing God's love

Strange , cold hearted people.

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